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Put that hard work to good use! Exams are often the gatekeepers to institutions, certifications, and careers. Let's master the content, sail through the exam, and get on to the good stuff!

High School Exams
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ESM - NCLEX - Series 7 Financial

Exam Prep Plans

One-size-fits-all simply won't do! Our prep plans are each customized to a student's unique momentum, plan, and long term dreams.  


$100 - 150 / hr

ESM - NCLEX - Series 7 Financial

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Series 7 Financial


$85 - 125 / hr


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High School

$80 / hr

SAT - ACT - SAT Subject - AP

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SAT Subject

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AP Exams

Our customized plans are designed to help students earn more than a nominal score. Although that number is central to creating inspiring opportunities and options, we work intently to structure plans that maximize the returns on that score, keeping the long view in focus. 

Why it works

The short answer to this question is simple: the BFA team knows what it's doing and loves what it does. Our students, fortunately for us, are typically hard workers who can benefit immensely from our know-how and experience. 


Our small, precisely integrated team is known for going above and beyond the traditional idea of tutoring and exam prep; our work is rooted in the idea that when students better understand the language and context of a subject, the more engaged, eager, and confident they become in investing time into mastering its concepts and skills. This vision is supported by both empirical data and anecdotal testimony. And a lot of nice feedback.

Our very small group has helped over 1,360 students reach their goals on exams ranging from the SAT & ACT to graduate exams like the MCAT, LSAT, and GRE exams. 

Why invest time and money?

The central idea behind our work is not unlike that of traditional financial investing: invest some time and some money now, and these deposits tend to grow over time into exponential gains. One key difference (at least before flash-traders) is that the investment into academia, whether small or large, often delivers percent returns (monetary + many others) that would even humble experienced hedge fund managers. Between merit scholarships, program admissions, academic opportunities, tuition cost savings, and a surfeit of other benefits, the vast majority of our students and families see a considerable return on their investment the minute they receive a financial aid award letter at college orientation. 

Less stress, please

The reality is that while some students excel at applying their knowledge to standardized exams, the majority struggle to demonstrate effectively their true talent and potential.  This leaves many students overwhelmed and disheartened and can minimize a student's academic and financial opportunities.  While we at Big Future do not believe a student's potential or unique talents can be entirely measured on paper, we have mastered the methods that consistently generate high-percentile scores; this leaves more time (and less anxiety) on our students' plates. A nominal score increase is great news to be sure, but we've observed that the stress reduction our methods and strategies bring about is even more valuable over the long term. 

And don't forget...

Please also keep in mind that earning the score is part one of two: knowing how to take full advantage of the score in terms of admissions and scholarships is equally important. We'd love to help you there, too. 

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Plans (EP)

The BFA Approach

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Await response and information
Meet in person or remotely
Set up mid and long term goals
Routine Weekly or Weekly Option scheduling
Ongoing checks on expectations and benchmarks
Call, email, or send a Direct Request
Gather pertinent info for task/objective
Grades, Experiences, Test Scores, Direction and Goals
BFA Approach (EP)

Our Philosophy

This may surprise you, but the BFA team is not an unquestioning advocate of standardized testing; we are well aware of the unequal advantages and consequential depletion of unique talent this system has the potential to bring about. We are, however, advocates for the vast and varied opportunities that can result from this academic rite of passage: things like admissions, scholarships, professional analysis, and a chance to review and solidify the most important concepts and skills before a student heads to university. While we dismiss most of the claims surrounding the necessity of standardized testing, we are also in no position to change the momentary policy or how it affects the academic landscape or personal trajectories of those within it. 

Consequently, we passionately work to keep accessibility to our services high, our costs low, and our results -- unrivaled. We prefer to earn our reputation via a series of time-tested, established individual success stories rather than an aggregate of diffuse and obscure data. 

Each academic and professional journey is unique and influenced by factors too complex to describe in one short passage. That's why we work incessantly to know our students and understand what they are looking for: we are here to help them find it. 

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Exam Prep

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