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There's a lot of heart and mind behind what we do. Let's work together to get ahead and discover your kind of learning, making sure we enjoy the journey. 

We help curious, driven students capitalize on their talents and interests by delivering unrivaled resources and guidance to help them achieve.

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We are a small but highly experienced group. Energetic and enthusiastic, we subscribe to the idea that fulfillment and fortune favor the prepared.


Our committed work over the last 10 years has granted us a bird’s eye view of the pathways leading from high school to university to career. BFA Team Members bring an impressive range of skills and know-how to the company; we group these resources and then filter them so that only the finest remain. This lets our team stay flexible and deliver unrivaled results across a broad spectrum of projects while still maintaining a uniform library of tools and resources. 

We accomplish these results by inviting students to explore their natural interests, work hard, stay balanced, have fun, and ultimately contribute to themselves and society in a meaningful way.


Vision, balance, results, and sustainability. We began almost exclusively as a teaching and tutoring company, a time during which we worked with students to prepare for a range of academic challenges, from short quizzes to MCATs.

As our experiences accumulated, our knowledge grew and insights sharpened, and we paired up those endeavors with big-picture goals -- college and career advising, medical, law, and engineering school strategies, thesis guidance, and long-term professional planning. 


And we were hooked. The euphoria that follows successful collaborations is addicting, and there’s nothing we find more purposeful than helping students make the most of their investment and hard work. We work closely with students and families to accomplish big things, none more important to us than our student’s personal definition of success.


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Drew Brown, our company’s founder, began teaching and tutoring in 2008 when he was a graduate student.


He quickly discovered his passion for the work, and, in the years that followed, has been a part of hundreds of students’ endeavors and stories.


Slowly but intently building off of that foundation, Big Future Academics evolved, and we have since worked with thousands of students, ranging from those looking to ace an exam to those looking to find a home at the most prestigious and storied institutions in the country. 

Our team, dedicated and tested, has become expertly knowledgeable not only about the content our students study, but also on how to navigate the constantly shifting landscape of universities and medical, law, and engineering colleges. We provide a proactive vision on how each of the parts of a student's plan should be integrated to maximize the outcomes and minimize the cost and stress of the process. 


Because love the work and take ineffable satisfaction in helping others find their own definition of purpose and success. 


The team at Big Future Academics is committed to enriching lives and bringing about small- and large-scale success through thoughtful and proven collaborations, education, and hard work. Given our company's small size, we are proud of the thousands of stories and projects in which we've been fortunate to take part. It is rewarding to watch our students' hard work open up one-of-a-kind opportunities for them. We are proud of their accomplishments, and we love hearing about the contributions our students are making to solving immense challenges. The exploratory dynamic that we strive to integrate into our methods gives students a clear advantage as they begin to encounter upper-level coursework. 

When you come to study, prepare, and explore at Big Future Academics, you will know immediately that you have found an intensely dedicated, professionally experienced, and highly energetic team of educators who will thoughtfully provide you with every advantage, resource, book, suggestion, formula, mentor, or tool to help you arrive at where you want to go.


The BFA Team has roots and wings. We typically work with students at our center in Lemont, IL, but do project-based work all over the map! 


In addition to working at our center, we offer in-home sessions, separate-location sessions, Skype and FaceTime sessions, consultations, and other meetings. We enjoy getting around. 

The map to the right shows our easily accessible location at 1011 State St., Lemont IL 60439. Please feel free to stop by!

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A Few Results


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Client's Overall Satisfaction

Compiled in 2018 via company-wide Google survey. 92 Respondents. Question asked was "Did we meet, exceed, or fall short of your overall expectations?" Respondents selected "3" for meets, "5" for exceeds, and "1" for fails to meet.

Zero respondents chose "1" or "2"

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What we do

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Our Philosophy

It is no secret that many high school courses are becoming just as rigorous (if not more so) as undergraduate college courses. This trend persists up the academic column, meaning undergraduate coursework difficulty is comparable to what it would have characterized graduate coursework not long ago. And, you guessed it, this extends into postgraduate work as well. This progress is beautiful but not without costs, the most expensive of which are time for a balanced approach to professional career fields and time to fully explore one's nascent interests. While we are thrilled (and impressed) to see students rise to meet the demands and challenges that mark a new generation, we are also keenly aware of the shortage of time - and the resulting imbalance - that often seeps into a student’s trajectory over the long run. This is where we come in. 


Four primary risks arise as a consequence modern academic pace: a shortage of time to “learn deeply and durably,” a lack of creative and critical thinking, a deficiency in early exploration, and missed opportunities for making cross-disciplinary connections. The BFA team has been intensely committed to acting as both leader and teammate in an effort to support students and institutions alike with a wide range of academic endeavors, from simply excelling on an exam to writing curricula and advising on theses and long-term projects. 

The benefit to our students is observed not only via measurable results - grades, test scores, merit scholarships and financial aid, and career paths - but also how they earn these merits and how they approach college, graduate school, and, ultimately, their careers.

Testimonials (AU)

What People Say About Us


Don't change anything. You guys are awesome!!!

BFA AP Calc Student 2018

Unrivaled Service

The service and attention to detail was something we weren't used to or expecting.

Cathy V.

BFA Parent 2017

Big ROIs

This was by far the best investment we've made in our daughter's 

academic future. We can't thank you enough.

Anne T.

BFA Parent 2015

Why wait?

I literally feel like I learned all of high school math in one day.

John I. 

BFA Student 2016

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About Us

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