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Tutoring and Consulting Service

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We adhere to the philosophy that exploratory education is key to a fulfilling, happy, and productive life. Individuals given the opportunity to learn, interact, create, and grow intellectually tend to have a deeper sense of purpose and belonging and go on to contribute much to our society in both big and small ways. We are a small company, but we trust that, given our conviction in our mission, we can contribute greatly to a future in which all individuals discover and unlock their potential and promise, leading to a more knowledgeable and thoughtful world.

Big Future Academics is a small group of enthusiastic experts who are deeply committed to preparing and advising high school, college, and postgraduate students ready to embark on life's grand journey. Our work centers on generating short-term and long-term results for our students, from mastering a concept or earning a better grade, to advising on balanced approaches and strategies to successfully navigate through professional schools.

BFA is a small company devoted to creating big outcomes for individuals. By big outcomes, we mean independently defined success and prosperity. Our mission is to plant, cultivate, promote, guide, and insure hard work, authentic curiosity, intellectual rigor, and social aptitude. We accomplish this by guiding our students and families through the increasingly complex academic and career landscapes; ultimately, we aim to clarify and improve that landscape. Our fifteen-year track record is unrivaled given our size.  BFA’s time-tested experience, consistent and covetable results, enthusiastic and positive culture, and inexorable zest for the growth and achievement of hard workers drive us to continually improve upon our methods. We hope to share those with you.

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A balanced and thoughtful approach to coursework and exams is essential for long-term success. We teach, tutor, advise, guide, and mentor. AP, IB, college, and other high-level coursework are our specialties.

Exam Prep

We encourage and help our students to take time exploring a range of ideas, experiences, courses, careers, cultures, internships, and apprenticeships before making big life decisions.


We prepare each student for undergraduate, graduate, and/or post-graduate work relative to his or her field, using routine and honest planning, career trajectory guidance, and 4 year plans.



We provide our students with expert guidance and energized teaching, aiming to integrate the skills and concepts learned in each course into a broader understanding and conceptual framework.



We deliver unrivaled, personalized exam preparation for a wide range of high school, college, and postgraduate exams. Our targeted, tested, and mastery-based approach makes a huge difference.



For curious students looking to advance beyond the typical range of high school academics, we have created, tested, and proven methods that integrate multiple skill sets from various subjects. It's fun, productive, and invites students to explore more paths before choosing one.


We provide experienced and expert-level guidance on navigating the college and career landscape. Even a small amount of help goes a long way in ensuring the investment in higher education is successful and enduring.

Why work with us?

We help our students and families navigate the academic and professional landscapes over the long run. Our students head into university, graduate school, and professional careers with a clear mind, a flexible plan, and a boundless appetite for knowledge. 

Students and BFA members have access to a wealth of customized tools, friendly and highly experienced teachers, and long-term guidance that leads to personal balance and success.  

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We love helping students master new ideas and integrate these ideas into a useful network of knowledge.

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"This was by far the best investment we've made in our daughter's 

academic future. We can't thank you enough."


— Anne, Burr Ridge

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Good to know  +  Ideas to ponder

There's a lot of heart and mind behind what we do. Let's work together to get ahead and discover new ways of learning, being sure we enjoy the journey in the process.

Working hard to increase SAT and ACT scores can lead to tens of thousands of dollars in savings through merit and other scholarships! Even one point can help a student cross a merit threshold.

We expertly help our students explore their known interests, discover new ones, and connect to pathways, people, and resources that capitalize on hard work and potential.

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Find the plan that's right for you.

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Big Future Academic's team members work hard to stay apprised on changes to courses, curricula, and standards so we can deliver unrivaled lessons, insights, and knowledge pertinent to the ever-changing high school, college, and career landscape. 

Learn more about our history and direction on the subject tutoring page!

$80 - 100/hr

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Exams, for better or worse, are often the gatekeepers to many institutions and programs. In addition, exams provide an opportunity to capitalize on merit scholarships, internships, and one-of-a-kind experiences. We boast over a decade's worth of real-world results. 

Learn more about what we can do on our exam prep page!


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