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Our work accomplishes two main things: help students achieve their goals on their own terms and make professional pursuits less complicated.

The modern academic challenge

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Preparing for and succeeding in college, graduate school, and a professional career require a huge amount of time, ambition, and perseverance. 


For students and parents alike, navigating the modern academic landscape can be a bit daunting (and frankly, sometimes frustrating). But persistence pays off: the returns from these academic and professional investments are life-changing in a multitude of positive ways.  


At Big Future Academics, we've made it our mission to help students unleash their curiosity, discover new things, and unlock their full potential.


Our methods and resources help students discover and master the best learning strategies while enjoying the journey, leading to markedly improved results, personal growth, and academic trajectory.  

The gist of it

We concentrate our energy on two primary things: student development and results.


Our staff and programs are dedicated to the true essence of learning, so quick tricks and temporary strategies take a back seat to content mastery and proven methods.  We are known for our expertise in communicating and demonstrating challenging material to our students.  

We've learned over the years

Through years of experience, we've discovered that mutual commitment and continuous communication are also critical to long-term success.


The results generated when both student and educator are intensely dedicated to a plan are far better than when students work on an ad hoc basis - even if each instance is successful in the short-term. 


While we certainly love helping students cram for a quiz the evening beforehand, we are much more invested in the student's entire academic life. And that extends well beyond any local class, quiz, or test.


We earn a lot of satisfaction knowing that our work has the potential to positively improve individual lives, while simultaneously strengthening schools and relationships within our local communities and beyond. 

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We want to share this

Our knowledge, commitment, and tireless focus on personal relationships have helped over 2,800 students and families successfully pursue their academic and professional goals by encouraging each student to pave his or her own unique way to academic success and personal achievement. And we stay in touch! If you need guidance or experience with a given discipline or project, we will have a connection waiting for you. 

About (FP)
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How do we begin?


You're in the right place! Students and parents can get in touch at any time by email, phone, text, or the contact form found on our website. We are happy to discuss our programs, student goals, long-term plans, courses, exams, essays, pricing, results, and expectations. 

The first step towards scheduling a session or setting up an academic plan is simply to create a student account, found right here. It's short and easy to do, and this will allow us to prepare a few things before we get going. 


Do students have to work at the center?


While we prefer to see our students face-to-face, we boast easy flexibility when this isn't possible. Most of our students do work routinely at our center; however, many of our students live out of state, have obligations that prevent them from consistently joining us, or incur unanticipated schedule changes in sports, work, and travel or traffic that may present limitations. Our small company offers flexibility via remote platforms that can accommodate these shifts, which allows us to remain consistent in our trajectory and expectations with our students. Nevertheless, our learning center does offer massive advantages: personal, quiet space, new and innovative learning platforms and technologies, a library, multimedia tools, and face-to-face learning.


Are there a minimum number of hours we must schedule?


No minimum here. We love working with any and all learners. Whether that be for the duration of an hour or several years, we are here for you. However, the results we've come to be known for are not necessarily attainable in just a few short hours. An exam like the ACT or SAT - even for a highly gifted student - typically requires at least 15-20 hours to reach an optimum result. True learning and mastery take time. Many of our MCAT students spend several months or over a year with us. The difference between learning skills and concepts in a masterful and deep-seated way versus learning something in a cursory way is significant. Spending more time and effort upfront can save a great deal of time and money later on in a student's academic career. 


What is the cost?


Big Future Academics keeps things simple: the majority of our services costs $80/hr, with exceptions for higher-level content or consulting. There are no surcharges for our resources, content, or practice facilities. Additionally, we do not use long-term contracts because some students reach their goals sooner than expected, whereas others may require more time. Our verbal agreement and dedication to our students affords us the ability to minimize the cost-to-outcome ratio, based on the student's aims and pursuits. 


What is our track record? Do we guarantee results?


We are very proud of our results, in large part thanks to our wonderful students and clients. Our work and collaborations have yielded excellent outcomes, leading to confident, curious, and knowledgeable students who typically find placement at prestigious universities and companies. We've had the privilege of working with over 2,800 clients, and while we do not have a complete track record since our beginning, over the past seven years, we have students earn

  • an average of 3.8-point increase on the ACT, including eight perfect scores and over 200 30+ outcomes

  • an average of 190-point increase on the SAT, including six perfect scores and over 120 1400+ outcomes

  • an average 5.8-point increase on the MCAT, including nine 514+ outcomes 

  • an average 6.1-point increase on the LSAT, including four 170+ outcomes 

  • innumerable college credit via the AP, IB, and CLEP exams

  • medical, law, and graduate school placement via applications, essays, coursework guidance, and exam assistance 

  • scholarship and tuition-assistance at major universities and professional schools


We owe much of that success to our hardworking students. While our track record is impressive, the nature of our work prevents us from making any guarantees to our clients.  We are fully confident in saying that when our students are as driven as we are, the goals will be met. 


What is meant by exploratory learning?


Exploratory learning is an umbrella term that is best summarized as the process of choosing a particular concept, skill, or challenge and then working to master the idea or skill by exploring multiple resources and discovering how these integrate to form our current understanding and application of the concept at hand. That's a bit of an ambiguous mouthful, but the central premise is this: no idea is an island. Students benefit immensely from taking time to explore and integrate the historical, philosophical, and practical aspects of their working knowledge. Not only does this format of learning help to make a student's grasp more permanent, but it also helps expose other subtleties and nuances in the concepts that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. It also makes learning more enjoyable and productive! 


How does BFA integrate the different components of a student's program?


We spend a lot of time thinking about how to generate long-term results for our students. We don't just want them to have a good grade on a test; we want them to live fulfilling and productive lives. But inevitably, the little precedes the big. That's why we work so closely with our students and families - to ensure that we are keeping the most important achievements, goals, and metrics in focus. To best accomplish this, we focus on four aspects with each student: subject tutoring, exam preparation, exploratory learning, and college and career consulting.  We feel at our best when we help students become their best, which usually means long-term planning. But please don't feel obligated! If you just want to learn some calculus, history, or thermodynamics quickly and meaningfully, we can help there too! 

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