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Writing & Rhetoric Courses

1 to 3-hour sessions available. Programs are most popular.

  • $70 per hour
  • State Street

Service Description

Have a great idea or two that is subtle and difficult to convey? The scaffolding of rhetoric can help! Pathos, logos, and ethos didn't end with Aristotle, Pericles, Cato, Cicero, or Aurelius. Communication is the name of the game -- invite others to understand where you're coming from. Douglass, Churchill, Thatcher, Lincoln, King, and other great orators and communicators first ponder and write those moving and persuasive thoughts -- reflecting on their substance and delivery. Persuasion is key, and the freedom to confidently, vulnerably, and unabashedly share insights, discoveries, ideas, innovations, and information establishes new ground for progress. Those Federalist Papers were pretty persuasive. Indeed, essay writing remains another effective modern delivery (believe it or not); Orwell's essays on imperialism, fascism, and communism are read today with great attention to the prescience and timeliness of his notions. Our journals are filled weekly with short, enlivening essays by individuals who care immensely about communicating ideas and sharing their experiences and discoveries. Orwell, like others, turned his notions into narrative literature via 1984 and Animal Farm, and the ideas took new life and form, accessible to even those who do not intend to parse through the technicalities in his essays. Beecher Stowe, Douglass, DuBois, Ellison, Wright, and many others captured in part the horrors and inhumanity of the institution of slavery and the injustices and tribulations of finding identity and prosperity in a post-emancipation America. Ramanujan, Gauss, Planck, Einstein, Feynman, Sagan, and DeGrasse Tyson express(ed) intricate, complex, unintuitive, and elegant beauty in essays and books intended to convey the discoveries, insights, creations, and possibilities to individuals working on other challenges and those who simply want to be intrigued. Try writing Schrodinger's equation in words, not mathematical notation! Try informed humility in the face of randomness and uncertainty: "I have no special talent; I am only passionately "Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures," said Mr. Emerson, who, lending his cabin to Thoreau to write "Walden" reinvigorated, along with Leopold's "Sand County Almanac" the vitality and necessity of wildness in our hearts and minds and on this continent, an echo to Muir's Hetch Hetchy plea for admiration and preservation in a landscape far from the devastation and anguish of the American Civil War.

Cancellation Policy

24-HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY Cancellations that occur 24 hours before the session will result in a charge equal to half the cost of the session. Please understand that we work very hard to maintain and adjust our schedule to accommodate a wide variety of students; because of this, we need to be aware of changes to the schedule in advance. Selecting “(2) to cancel or (3) to reschedule” upon receiving a session reminder via text will result in a 24-hour cancellation fee. DAY-OF CANCELLATION POLICY Because your spot is guaranteed for your student specifically, if you cancel on the day of the session, you will be charged the full amount for the session. CANCELLATION FORGIVENESS POLICY Because of our experience working with very busy young people and their families, we understand that there are times when families must cancel on short notice due to unforeseen events. Because of this, we waive the first cancellation fee - no questions asked!

Contact Details

  • 1011 State Street, Lemont, IL, USA

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